Awards and Prizes





Four SIDIM Excellence Prizes (2004, 2005 and 2007)
Prix Pierre-Pagé pour l’avancement du design au Québec -2007
Prix Ferdie 2007 for the concept of an overflow bathroom floor
Prix Ferdie 2008 for the Moine Urbain workshop
The SIDIM MDEIE 2008 bursary for product marketing




Moine Urbain displays tireless energy enhancing our quotidian, creating innovative product lines for the kitchen and bathroom: work islands, sinks, douches, bathtubs and urinals, as well as exclusive accessories.

Mario Lafrenais and Adrien Lesur-Vernhes, souls and designers of Moine Urbain, rethink the whole space and décor of our daily lives, considering every detail. their aim is to reconnect with the object through simplicity and harmony bringing the all-too-perfect down to earth, streamlines forms, and rethinkingobjects’ mechanics so that they endure through time and inspire the inner being with their beauty. Moine Urbain transforms matter while maintaining its raw spirit. The essentials are there – what more do we need?

Moine Urbain is a state of mind within each one of us, an art of living.



Since its debut in 2004, Moine Urbain has undergone dazzling growth, attracted broad media attention and acquired a prestigious clientele, including:

• Guy Laliberté, private residence (bathrooms)
• Jacques Villeneuve, private residence (kitchen and bathrooms)
• Les boutiques Fruits et Passions (sinks)
• Montreal Trudeau Airport (VIP Lounge)
• Restaurants Le Latini and l’Epicier, Montreal (bathrooms)
• Hotel St-Germain-des prés, Québec City (sinks)
• Bar Opéra, Montreal
• Corneille, private residence (kitchen and bathroom)

• Canal Evasion (kitchen for «Tout le monde à table», « Le cuisinier rebelle»)

• University of Montreal, Laval Campus (Outside Tables )


Since its inception in 2004, Le Moine Urbain is composed of a group of 25 professionals artisans and technicians: designer, creators, architectural technician, illustrator, cabinet makers, stone workers, steel manufacturer, welder, machinist, glass maker, specialized carriers ...

All work together to achieve exceptional premium projects offering a turnkey service of high quality.